Siralim Is A New Monster Taming RPG That Lets You Build A Kingdom


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If it’s monster taming you want then Siralim should supply you with hours of just that. It’s a new RPG with roguelike elements that takes a deep dive into the world of capturing creatures, taming them, training them, and then having them battle for you.


Siralim gives you a castle to rule over and protect. Protect it how? By employing an army of monsters, of course. Oh, and also discovering treasure so you can construct new rooms and facilities, as well as recruit NPCs, all of which will help to unlock more monster types for you to go out and find.



That’s the core of the game: heading outside of your castle into the wider world of your kingdom where you’ll find over 300 types of monsters (with more to come), each with their own unique abilities, to capture and battle in turn-based format. Of all of those, you have to decide on only six to have in your team, enhancing their abilities with the equipment and augments you craft (there are over 500 crafting items), and by using the spells you learn to tip the balance. It’s also possible to create eggs that will hatch a monster that you can then raise from birth to be the fighter you want it to be rather than trying to capture wild creatures.


Now, as to those roguelike elements, you can attribute those to the game’s procedurally generated dungeons. There are eight biomes to unlock altogether and the dungeons will take from these and alter the layout to be completely different each time. It also has a “roguelike overworld” meaning that you can see monsters on the map and avoid them, or try to run from them, but they may still chase you and catch up to you. The game also has no level cap, so you can keep playing forever, theoretically.


You can purchase Siralim on Steam for PC. Or, if you prefer, there’s a demo you can download to check it out before spending any money. It’s also available on the iOS App Store and Google Play for free.






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