Skies of Arcadia Developer Still Really Wants to Make a Sequel


Former Sega developer Kenji Hiruta, who was one of the system programmers behind Dreamcast title Skies of Arcadia, still really wants to make a sequel. As in, “really really want to” develop a sequel.

This outcry for fan support first started when Hiruta posted new art of Vyse, drawn by character designer Itsuki Hoshi. This was followed up by an announcement of a giveaway for Hoshi’s autograph, and Hiruta explained that he hopes this movement will gain traction to show Sega that there is a demand for a sequel to Skies of Arcadia.

When some fans began to ask a bit more, Hiruta clarified that he still “strongly” wants to develop a sequel to the RPG:

Skies of Arcadia released back in 2000, and told the story of six civilizations that existed on a sky world named Arcadia. Vyse and Aika, air pirates who are part of a resistance against the Valuan Empire, become key members of the resistance when they decide to help Fina with finding the Moon Crystals. The game was critically acclaimed, and was ported to GameCube as Skies of Arcadia Legends. While Sega has shown interest in a sequel several times, it failed to come into fruition.

Skies of Arcadia was released for Sega Dreamcast.

Alistair Wong
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