Lab Zero are testing out a new feature in the PC beta of Skullgirls. The feature will add Marvel vs. Capcom 2-style Superjumps to the game.


“This is a large change, it invalidates many combos but provides many new ones, opens up new neutral gameplay, etc.,” Mike Z writes. “I’ve wanted to try this for a long time just to see how it goes.”


“It may turn out to not be very ‘Skullgirl’” but the best way to learn is by doing—that’s what the Beta is for! This is by no means final, and I’m very sad I have to explicitly state that, hello internet. See what you think, maybe it’s fun.”


He goes on to note a few more points about the change:


  • Everyone has double the takeoff velocity for superjumps, and has air control with the joystick.
  • Hitting with a normal during a superjump cuts your upward velocity in half, just like all the old Versus games.
  • Just for this experiment Painwheel’s flight speed (in all directions but especially upward) has been increased to help it compete with superjumps.


Lab Zero are testing a few other features out in the ongoing PC beta, too, which you can read about here.


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