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Skullgirls Will Change Art Assets for Certain Characters

In an official post on the Skullgirls forum, Director Charley “MightyZug” Price announced that Hidden Variable Games will implement some visual changes to its art assets. It will remove any allusions to real-world hate groups, as well as change instances of sexually predatory behavior and racial stereotypes. The full announcement, as well as detailed lists of changes, are available on the forums.

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These changes will affect character designs and existing art. For example, it will change the designs for the Black Egrets. The designs of the red armbands and flags were far too similar to hate groups that are still active in real-life. So the armbands and heraldry for the Black Egrets will look different in-game, in concept art, and in story mode.

As for the changes to existing art, Hidden Variable Games will remove instances where the Skullgirls characters look forcefully fetishized. From a narrative standpoint, some characters are out and proud about their various assets or sexuality. But for younger characters like Filia, this can look like unwanted predatory behavior. Though the story will not change, the art will look less exploitative. The devs will also remove or adjust content such as Big Band’s Story Mode for racial references it believes are in poor taste. An example of this would be the reference to racial violence in Big Band’s Story Mode.

Here are the full Skullgirls 2nd Encore art changes, as listed on the forums.


  • Removed 4 illustrations from Gallery > Guest Art
  • “Parasoul Poster” (Gallery > Posters)
  • “Parasoul and Black Egret” (Gallery > Parasoul)
  • “Parasoul and the Egrets” (Gallery > Parasoul)
  • “Cancer Drive – Parasoul and Valentine” (Gallery > Production Art)
  • “Double’s Action Shot” (Gallery > Double)
  • “Cast Poster – Original” (Gallery > Key Art)
  • “Menu Background” (Gallery > Key Art)
  • “Double Arcade Stick” (Gallery > Arcade Sticks)
  • “Film Strip Blue” (Gallery > Arcade Sticks)
  • “Posters Arcade Stick” (Gallery > Arcade Sticks)
  • “Vertical Cast Arcade Stick” (Gallery > Arcade Sticks)
  • “Filia vs. Peacock 1” (Gallery > Key Art)
  • “Adam’s Lineup Art” (Gallery > Lineup Shots)
  • “Molly’s Lineup Art” (Gallery > Lineup Shots)
  • “Panzerfaust’s Lineup Art (Gallery > Lineup Shots)

And here are the Skullgirls Mobile art changes from its announcement.


  • Adjusted Filia variant palettes for Bad Hair Day, Frayed Ends, Hair Apparent, Rock Star, Parasite Weave, Windswept, Idol Threat and Class Cutter.
  • Adjusted Parasoul variant palettes for Regally Blonde, Star Crossed, and High Ruler.
  • Removed comb from Filia’s Burst animation, Special Move icon, and Rock Star’s card art.
  • Adjusted in-game Black Egret art for both Parasoul and Umbrella, and Special Move and Blockbuster icons that utilize Black Egret soldiers.
  • Replaced combo counter phrases for 18-hit combos (and reshuffled 16 and 17 accordingly).


  • Adjusted initial download screen image for Filia, Double, and Parasoul.

  • Adjusted Big Band’s Origin Story art when Big Band is attacked by police officers.

  • Adjusted Parasoul’s “Dame of Thrones” Prize Fight art illustration.

Skullgirls 2nd Encoreis available on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, while Skullgirls Mobile is on mobile devices.

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