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Sky Force Anniversary Brings Decade-Old Shmup Excellence to Playstation Consoles



Shmup Sky Force Anniversary, released ten years after the well-received Sky Force, sends players once more into the fray against the enemy ships of General Mantis on PS3, PS4, and Vita this Summer.




Sky Force Anniversary gives the previous game’s overhead shmup gameplay a facelift, but leaves the challenging difficulty intact. Players can gain funds to upgrade every aspect of their ship (guns, missiles, lasers, shields, magnets, bombs) as they play through the game’s various stages, so replaying an old level may be the best way to get enough upgrades to live through the game’s advanced stages.




Played alone or in local co-op, players can just shoot down their enemies and rescue civilians, or they can attempt to complete additional goals like beating levels without getting hit. Players will also be able to compete against each other in weekly tournaments that take place on unique new levels.

Alistair Wong
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