Slapstick RPG West Of Loathing Casts Players As Cow Punchers & Snake Oilers



Choose to be a Cow Puncher, Beanslinger, or Snake Oiler as you set out into the goofy, stick-person-filled world of turn-based RPG West of Loathing.




Players can choose from among those three classes, which bear many similarities warriors and wizards, and then set out into an absurd old West, exploring gulches, drinking in saloons, and delivering justice to “sarcastic bandits”. In the words of the developer:  “Danger and dumb jokes lurk around every corner.”




West of Loathing is a new game set in the same universe as Kingdom of Loathing, an equally-ridiculous MMO that the developers have had running since 2003 and has gathered over two million players in its lifetime.




West of Loathing is still early in development, but is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight for an early 2017 release.

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