Slay the Princess Free Update Adds More to Existing Routes
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Slay the Princess Free Update Adds More to Existing Routes

Ahead of the the Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut release, Black Tabby Games shared a free update to routes called The End of Everything. While it doesn’t add new paths, existing routes, new music, and new animations appear. The game is also on sale on Steam for $14.39 until April 8, 2024. 

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As noted in the announcement, the goal of the update is the means of preparing for The Pristine Cut that will add new routes to the game. The End of Everything’s goal is to expand on the endgame currently there. This means the existing routes and ends may be longer or be slightly different. The announcement noted there are over 3,000 words added to the visual novel in this update. There are also new animations for certain segments.

Here are the full patch notes for the Slay the Princess free update. Note that these do contain spoilers. In particular, the end game section goes over the changes and additions to the Slay the Princess routes.

End Game

  • The Shifting Mound encounter now has fully animated transitions between vessels.
  • Menus in The Shifting Mound encounter have been expanded and restructured — it should now be more clear which dialogue options are specific to a given vessel vs which options directly address the Shifting Mound.
  • Added several argumentative through-lines for the encounter; it is also now clear when a given response is a continuation of a previous option.
  • Edited several vessels’ “poems” to have improved flow. Re-wrote The Eye of the Needle’s “poem” entirely.
  • Significantly expanded the conversation in the basement at the start of the “Unknown Together” ending.
  • Added two new dialogue options in the Long Quiet scenes to challenge the unfinished mound’s style of speech.


  • “Transformation,” “The Apotheosis,” and “The Shifting Mound (Movements II, III, and V)” have been reworked to include live orchestral performances.
  • The entire soundtrack has been converted to FLAC and remastered for an overall improved audio experience.
  • The Supporter’s Pack has been updated to include a new orchestral EP. In addition to the tracks mentioned above, this EP also includes live renditions of “The Princess” and “The Damsel”


  • The quick menu has been updated to have icons/a proper UI. It’s also been moved to the top left of the screen, which should resolve the majority of issues players have had with the controller getting stuck.
  • The narrator’s scream in the Tower route has been re-recorded to be a little more tonally fitting.
  • We should be caught up on bug fixes.
  • The Voice of the Broken no longer appears for a single line in the Razor route for playthroughs where he isn’t present.
  • A small number of lines previously cut in the pacing patch have been restored.

Legacy Build

  • For archival purposes, we’ve moved the final updated version of the release build to a separate beta branch on Steam. We think the changes in this update (and the upcoming changes in the Pristine Cut) only make the game better, but in case you prefer that earlier version, or in case you’re curious to see what older versions were like, it’s now available to you.
  • You can access this beta branch with the password “originalrecipe”
  • To enter this password, right-click the game in your Steam library, select properties, and then navigate to “betas” in the sub-menu.

Slay the Princess is available on PCs.

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