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Slime Rancher Leaving Early Access On August 1, 2017




Back on January 14, 2016, Slime Rancher entered Early Access. Players stepped into the shoes of Beatrix LeBeau and attempted to run a ranch full of different sorts of slimes. But oh how slime flies, as the game is about to officially launch. The full version of Slime Rancher will make its goo-rand debut on August 1, 2017.


The full version of Slime Rancher features a slurprising number of different slimes. People can add Pink, Phosphor, Rock, Tabby, Boom, Honey, Puddle, Hunter, Rad, Crystal, Quantum, Mosaic, Tangle, Fire, and Dervish Slimes to their menagerie. There are also Gold, Gordo, and Lucky slimes that you can encounter, but not catch, Largo slimes you can get by feeding plorps of a different slime to one type to create a larger hybrid, and hostile Tarrs that come from a Largo eating a plorp from a third sort of slime.


A number of new features will plorp up from time to time in Slime Rancher after its version 1.0.0 launch. One of them is a Map System, which will give you a better idea of where you are in the Far, Far Range and how to get back home. Joining the existing Adventure Mode will be Casual Mode and Iron Rancher mode, with the former basically being Adventure Mode with no Tarrs and the latter being a survival version of the game with different challenges and rules and daily quotas. Eventually, new mini-zones will have daily Rancher Missions.


Slime Rancher is immediately available on the Xbox One and PC, in case you are goo-ing to buy it ahead of August 1, 2017. The Early Access price will not increase as it updates to v. 1.0.0.

Jenni Lada
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