The Slimeking’s Tower Requires Roguelike Dungeon Crawling To Save Missing Moustaches


The people’s facial hair has been collectively stolen, requiring players guide a lone hero up a procedurally-generated tower, using whatever weapons are available to shoot or stab the monsters that have their moustaches in roguelike The Slimeking’s Tower.


The Slimeking’s Tower will pit players against a random array of the game’s one hundred monsters as they move through the generated top-down dungeon. While ascending, they can find several of the game’s three hundred weapons and items, all of which affect how the player’s attack works in different ways, making for some very different runs each time.

Players can tackle the game in various different game modes as well to change things up, or use different characters that will also alter how the game plays, giving them new powers and items to use on the game’s silly bosses and monsters.


Players looking for a sillier take on top-down roguelike action can get The Slimeking’s Tower from Steam, the App Store, and the Google Play Store.

Alistair Wong
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