Slow Time, Deflect Shots, And Hose Enemies With Bullets Bleed 2



Bullets and beams will be flying all over the screen, both from the player and the enemies, in high-speed sidescroller Bleed 2.




Wryn is the only hero left in the world, and has to live up her title of “Greatest Hero of All Time” by dealing with a group of villains who are shooting up the world. As such, she sets out with her machine guns and beam sword, meaning to take the enemy down.


Wryn can spray bullets all over the screen, just like her enemies can. However, if things get hairy, she can slow time for short periods to allow her time to line up a shot or get out of the way. She can also knock shots back at the enemy for extra damage, slamming them with their own powerful weapons.




Bleed 2 will pit players against twenty-five bosses across its seven stages, throwing huge enemies at the player frequently. Players can tackle these big thugs with more than just Wryn, as the game features a handful of unlockable characters. Those characters can also be used in the game’s local two player co-op mode, should the player need help. If they find things too easy, there are also four difficulty levels to choose from.


Bleed 2 is available now on Steam and the Humble Store.

Alistair Wong
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