In Smalland, Surviving Is Very Different With A Shrunken Protagonist

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Smalland shrinks the player down to miniscule size, tasking them with surviving in a world where the slightest breeze can topple their shelter, a day of rain can wash out their food, and a single irate bird can bring doom to a campaign.


Mysterious circumstances have lead to the player shrinking, leaving them stranded in a wood that is suddenly much larger than they are. This means that natural events such as rain and wind become very dangerous, so players will need to take care and pay attention to when these things begin, or build their shelters in places that are safe from such occurrences. Players will also have to deal with animals that may wish to hunt them, like birds or cats, working to stay safe from creatures they wouldn’t normally have to fear.

At this size, Smalland is all about exploring the world from this different perspective. The game aims to stir up a sense of wonder at its colossal natural creatures, but may also punish for curiosity (should the player go into the sewers in a rain storm, for example). However, players will be able to explore these places together through online co-op, so there will at least be a chance to have someone watching the player’s back.


Smalland is currently in development.

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