Smooth Criminals – Control Four Different Criminals For A Daring Art Heist

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Count Egor von Vile has stolen the world’s most valuable paintings and plastered his face all over them, and the only ones who can stop him are four heroic thieves who intend to steal them back in Smooth Criminals.


Players will be able to switch between each of the four thieves as they work their way through a gallery loaded with guards and security measures. Each offers different abilities, with The Eyes (elephant) able to shoot peanuts from their trunk, The Feet (cat) able to execute more acrobatic maneuvers, The Hands (human) able to clobber foes and break down some walls, and The Tail (mouse) providing quick getaway driving.

Using these four, players will have to assess the situation in each room of the complex gallery, using high ground, hacking, stealth, brute force, and courage to get past the dog guards. Using the environment and cunning, they’ll be able to hopefully retrieve all of that stolen artwork and then escape with it intact.


Smooth Criminals is available now, for free, on

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