Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online: Deadly Dungeons

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SMT Online: Imagine is hard, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the notorious difficulty of its singleplayer counterparts. I was caught off guard and died several times while trying to reach the first dungeon to fulfill a quest from Snake (yes, that’s really his name), an NPC who gives you story-related missions.


On the way to the dungeon, which was far enough from my starting point that I had to rely on a map for the first time, I passed several groups of aggressive demons who were able to wipe me out with two or three normal attacks. Luckily, the Wounded Cereberus I had summoned as my companion demon had a pretty powerful attack and pounced to my rescue despite being several levels below me. I’m starting to feel rather attached to him.


Dungeons in SMT Online are marked with a ‘D’ on the map. Once you enter the dungeon hub, there’s a large glowing statue in the middle. From there, you can choose which dungeons you (and your party) want to enter. The dungeons are essentially instances randomly generated for the player(s) who enter. Leaving a dungeon means the next time you come back, it’ll be different. For those who crave a challenge, there are also stopwatches to purchase for speed-runs through the dungeons.


Being the lowly newbie I am, I chose to enter the Bronze dungeon. The dungeons are multi-floored with a series of doors that need to be unlocked per floor. Their uniformly themed walls and corridors reminded me of the dungeons in SMT: Nocturne. The rooms have locked doors and the only way to unlock the doors and progress are to defeat the demons which spawn inside.


I died several times on the first floor of the dungeon until I figured out how to make effective use of my demon’s powers. Just like the single player Megaten games, you’ll need to learn how to master demon weaknesses to avoid getting wiped out. Luckily, characters who are level 10 or under can die and be resurrected at the start of the dungeon (or outside) with very little penalty: you just spawn with 25% health. Higher leveled characters lose experience upon death.


Considering I barely completed the first floor of the Bronze dungeon, I decided not to try tackling the second floor until I leveled up some more, or at least got some other players to party up with me. I read that all the dungeons end with a powerful boss; I’m not ready to tackle that one alone.


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