Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold Rated In Australia

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Level-5’s The Snack World series made its debut in Japan in August 2017 for the 3DS followed by an expanded port for Switch in April 2018, and it appears that it could be headed Westward in the near future with a rating found via the Australian Classification Board.


When The Snack World was first revealed, Level-5 announced its goal to bring the series worldwide, and we even had an English-dubbed preview of its CG anime, but since its 3DS debut and remastered Switch port in Japan we haven’t heard much about its Western release.


However, we learned last month that its localization is still alive and is currently being handled by localization company 3Beep.


For those of you unfamiliar with The Snack World, Level-5 introduced it as a “hyper casual fantasy” set in a traditional fantasy world that combines elements from the modern world such as smartphones and convenience stores. It stars a goofy main hero named Chup who has a strong sense of justice and is determined to get revenge on the Leisure Facilities that destroyed his village.


Takara Tomy released a series of “Jara” and “Snacks” that are basically collectible toys embedded with NFC chips to summon weapons and monsters to interact with in the game. While the game didn’t become a mega hit like Level-5’s Yo-kai Watch series in Japan, the toys sold well above the company’s expectations.


The Snack World is available for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

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