Sneak Around & Spraypaint The Walls Of Puzzle Game Vandals

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Vandals is a game of stealth and spraypaint, having players tag up walls while avoiding detection as the police patrol nearby.


Players will take to interpretations of Paris, Tokyo, New York, and beyond, moving around cover as they work to get their paint on the walls without getting caught. Police patrol many of these areas, as well as dogs, so players will have to learn their routes and find ways around them (or distractions) in order to get into position to paint up a wall.

Vandals aims to teach players about street art as they work through the game. The designs players will tag walls with draw from the work of real world artists, and the game itself follows the history of street art from the 1960’s onward across its sixty stages.


Vandals is projected to release on April 12, 2018, according to its Steam page.

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