SNES Getting A New Game, Sydney Hunter And The Caverns of Death, In 2016



Puzzle platformer Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death has a retro-style that’s not there for nostalgia’s sake. It’s highly necessary considering that it’s coming out exclusively for the SNES and Super Famicom in 2016.


Its creators have put the game on Kickstarter to raise the funds to manufacture and distribute the game on proper SNES and Super Famicom carts. The minimum is $10,000 for it to happen, with the costs outlined as being: “carts (using new SNES molds and not recycled SNES carts), labels, PCB boards, boxes, programming and developing.”


The goal of the Kickstarter is to help produce Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death faster and get exclusive rewards into the hands of those who want them. The developing studio says that it’s determined to make the game happen regardless of what happens, but it will be slower without the Kickstarter funding.



The minimum pledge to get the game on an NTSC or PAL SNES cart is $35. There’s also a Super Famicom option available at the same price. Any lower and you only get Sydney Hunter cards, shirts, and the soundtrack. There are higher tiers that add a box to ship the cart in and limited edition light blue carts.

Chris Priestman
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