SNES Kirby’s Dream Course Precursor Special Tee Shot Prototype Now Made Available

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Special Tee Shot, an SNES cartoony golfing game by HAL Laboratory that got cancelled and reworked into Kirby’s Dream Course, has now been made available online in prototype form thanks to a generous donor. [Thanks, SNES Central!]


The game was very near completion, but ended up getting shelved thanks to Kirby’s popularity on Game Boy, which led to HAL Labs deciding to reskin and tweak the game into a Kirby-themed golf game. While Kirby’s Dream Course has players defeating enemies around the course to make the hole appear, Special Tee Shot is a much more straightforward golf game about getting as little strokes as possible aiming for the hole.


While the game did get released eventually on the Satellaview, the Satellaview version ended up having quite a few differences from its original incarnation on SNES, as seen from the prototype. Check out two screenshots below:

special tee shot 2 special tee shot 3

You can find the prototype of Special Tee Shot on SNES via the link here.


Special Tee Shot was cancelled in favor of Kirby’s Dream Course on SNES. The game was also available on Satellaview.

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