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Snivy, Tepig And Oshawott Return As Pokémon Black And White 2’s Starters


Pokémon Black/White 2 will take place in the Unova region once more, two years after the original Black/White. We know that Black/White 2 will have both old and new areas, and that some of the older ones will be updated, but a new episode of Pokémon Smash brings details on the Pokémon themselves as well.


Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott will once again serve as black and Black/White 2’s starter Pokémon. Pokémon will have new animations that weren’t in Black/White, and we now know that Azurill and Lillipup will be found in an early route in the game. The Unova Pokédex for Black/White 2 has 300 Pokémon in it.


On the subject of routes, Game Freak director, Junichi Masuda, also revealed on Pokémon Smash that the routes in Black/White 2 are more detailed, although we aren’t entirely certain what he means by this.


Nintendo also sent out a bunch of new screenshots for the game, showing off a bunch of different characters such as the two new trainers and your new rival:



We also have art and screenshots of the new Gym leaders, as well as screenshots of environments, and screens of some the Pokémon that are confirmed to be in the game, such as Lapras, Tyranitar, Metagross, Psyduck and others.


Homika (Poison type Gym leader):



Shizui (Water type Gym leader):


Akuroma (new character that is studying Pokémon):



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