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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Reveals Six More Free DLC Games



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In addition to the five free DLC games we got to see for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, NIS America revealed six more free games to make not ten but eleven new games coming December 11 as free DLC.


Here’s a new trailer for the collection and details from NIS America:


  • Bermuda Triangle – Avoid crashing your plane as enemies bombard you! Shoot your way through while collecting power-ups that change your plane’s form, but beware: losing health downgrades it, as well!


  • Paddle Mania – Can you emerge as the superior virtual athlete? Put your reflexes to the test as the game pits you against not only your fellow tennis players, but also other sports professionals in a tournament reminiscent of the Olympics.


  • ZMA Wars – This historical title is the very first developed and published by SNK! Known as the first action game ever to utilize a “health” bar, the player pilots a space craft to guard against galactic adversaries.


  • Beast Busters – The undead have taken over the city, and it’s up to three tough guys to stop them! Clear the invasion only to face unusual bosses, and pray to whatever deity that you’ll be able to make it out alive.


  • Search and Rescue – What has happened? Two men are sent to uncover the facts behind a space shuttle’s disastrous crash. Run ‘n gun your way through the debris, but try to avoid needing your own search and rescue squad!


  • World Wars – Sneaking in as the final DLC title, this vertical shooter features you as a pilot engaging a myriad of airborne foes! Alternate the formations of your protection squad to gain the ultimate advantage!


SNK 40th Anniversary Collection releases for Nintendo Switch in North America on November 13, 2018 and in Europe on November 16, 2018. All 11 DLC games will be available on December 11, 2018.

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