Way back in 2009, we discovered SNK was working on SNK Arcade Classics 0, a library of ’80s arcade games for PlayStation 2 and PSP. The funny thing is SNK never mentioned the game officially… until now. SNK Arcade Classics 0 resurfaced for PSP and it has a release date, April 21 in Japan.



Here’s a list of the twenty games in SNK Arcade Classics 0:


Athena series

Psycho Soldier


Ikari series

Ikari Warriors
Ikari III: The Rescue (overseas version)



Guerrilla War
Marvin’s Maze
Search and Rescue
Street Smart



Gold Medalist
Super Championship Baseball (overseas version)
Touchdown Fever



Bermuda Triangle
HAL 21
Prehistoric Isle in 1930
Sasuke vs. Commander
Vanguard 2


New features include a gallery mode with illustrations and background music to play. While SNK Arcade Classics 0 has not been officially announced in the West, SNK Playmore USA released Metal Slug XX and NeoGeo Ultimate Shooting as downloadable PSP imports. We’re betting they’re going to do the same thing with SNK Arcade Classics 0.

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