SNK Heroines Key Developers Explain Roster Choices, Why Tag Battles, And More

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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy’s key developers had an interview this week with Famitsu, where they revealed the reasoning behind the roster choices, why a tag battle system was chosen for the game, and whether there will be more down the line for this game.


Here are the highlights:

Famitsu: Were the participating characters already decided by the time of the game proposal?

Kaito Soranaka, Director: “We decided it with internal discussion among the staff. Regarding the rule of thumb for the choices, characters were picked based on popularity, characters that SNK want to push going forward, and characters that fans would be surprised by. Of course, there are many other appealing heroines as well, so don’t think that they aren’t popular just because they didn’t get in this time.”


Famitsu: Why was a tag team battle system chosen?

Soranaka: “We wanted to have characters waiting in the background like in previous KOF series games. Also, instead of dialogue between fighters, we wanted to challenge ourselves by focusing on the conversations between partners. The biggest reason was because we wanted to make a game where four players could have a lot of fun together.”


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Famitsu: A collaboration with Million Arthur Arcana Blood was announced recently.

Soranaka: “This game’s producer, Yasuyuki Oda, had a meeting with Arcana Blood producer Naofumi Takuma during a previous event, and they decided that they wanted to do something together. That’s how this collaboration came about.


Famitsu: Are there any plans for post-launch DLC past the collaboration?

Soranaka: “There probably will be, but what it will be is the troublesome part.”

Yusuke Amano, Art Director: “We have female Terry, and a collaboration character. If there are to be additional fighters, any character could make it in. The possibilities are endless.”


Famitsu: This may be a bit early, but any plans for a sequel or something similar…?

Soranaka: “It would be nice if we could have an SNK Heroines sequel with every new KOF release. A hardcore fighting game, accompanied by a fun, more lighthearted title. We’d like to continue making games with this sort of tone.”


SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The staff also highlighted female Terry’s inclusion in the game during the interview, and you can read more about it in our previous report here.

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