SNK Picks Saudi Arabian Fan’s Design In Character Design Contest


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    SNK recently held a character design contest in Saudi Arabia for an unknown fighting game, and the overall winner was BMashael, with her character ‘Najd’.


    Najd is a Saudi Arabian girl who uses her Abaya, which is possessed by a demon named ‘Halek’. She is calm most of the time as controlling Halek requires a lot of concentration.


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    The contest was held by Manga Productions, and it was said that the overall winning design would be used in a Japanese fighting game. This turned out to be an unknown game being developed by SNK, as The King of Fighters Director Oda Yasuyuki appeared in a video announcing the winner and thanking the participants.


    Other contest winners in other categories:

    Best stage-


    snk best stage


    Best creative design:

    snk best creative design


    Best weapon:

    snk best weapon


    Best attack:

    snk best attack


    Other designs:

    snk contest 2 snk contest 3


    snk contest

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