souls-ss-01The monsters in Soul Sacrifice were once humans, but desire corrupted their souls and turned them into horrendous creatures. Soul Sacrifice Delta incorporates characters from Grimm’s fairy tales and Snow White is in the game.


Avalon, Sanctuary, and Grimm have new sorcerers that give players quests. Galahad has the nickname the sorcerer closest to a monster. Said to have sacrificed over a thousand beings, Galahad has a grotesque appearance.


Lyonesse is Bohman’s younger sister. Despite her gentle voice, Lyonesse lips purposely deceive. She is consumed by greed like her older brother and completely loyal to him. Modred is a sorcerer from Avalon who had to hunt down other wizards that broke the law. Those that see Modred’s face prepare to die and he was a legend. What happened to Modred and why does he look like he is a member of Sanctuary, a group that forbids sacrifices?



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Players can make their own character in Soul Sacrifice Delta and outfit their wizard with over 100 different accessories.

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On top of adding new spells, Soul Sacrifice Delta tweaked the combo system and now allows players to pull off counter attacks during boss battles.

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Soul Sacrifice Delta is slated for release in March 2014 for PlayStation Vita.


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