Snowflake’s Chance Is A Vicious Stealth Game With Limited Lives

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As a helpless little bunny rabbit, stealth is the player’s only option in Snowflake’s Chance. Not only that, but the player will only have 99 chances to complete the game, and a single failure can result in catastrophic consequences.




Snowflake must make his way across twenty-one stages to escape a pit he’s fallen into. He has 99 lives to do so with, but many of the beasts wandering the pit will end his life on contact. Running, dodging, and hiding will be key to making it out with a few lives to spare. However, each time Snowflake dies, an evil version of him will grow bigger and stronger, making it that much harder to beat the game.


The pit runs through the entirety of the game as well, which means it connects every single stage. Therefore, if the player falls in a bad place, it is possible that they’ll fall all the way back to the beginning of the game. Players will need to take extreme care while platforming and avoiding enemies to survive.




Snowflake’s Chance is nearly complete, according to the developer, and will release soon after it is Greenlit on Steam.

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