So, Erm, There’s A Nicolas Cage Dating Sim Now

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The internet has a strange relationship with actor Nicolas Cage. He’s the subject of numerous memes and jokes. One that’s probably getting a bit old, to be honest, but that hasn’t stopped Deviant Art user “Angequilla” from creating their own Nicolas Cage dating sim.


It’s called Caging Me Softly and, if you find yourself curious, then you can download it for free here [direct download]. There’s not much to it, really: you meet Cage in a coffee shop, select a conversation option, and see how your choice either has you falling in love or locked up in jail.


If you find yourself disappointed by Caging Me Softly, which, given its brevity is quite likely, then throw your attention at Cage of My Heart: A Nic Cage Dating Sim. Yep, this is another Nicolas Cage dating sim.


There seems to be a little more going on in Cage of My Heart than in Caging Me Softly. The author has, at least, Photoshopped Cage a little (as you can see in the screenshot above), and an update on January 12th revealed that there will be a Kanye West ending.

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