Namco Bandai isn’t shy about adding downloadable content to their Xbox 360 games. In the case of [email protected] it’s excessive, but the publisher is giving Tales fans a break. Four packs of Tales of Vesperia downloadable content are sitting on the Japan’s Xbox Live Marketplace which instantly gives players a set of restorative gummies, ingredients for item synthesis, and skills for the two main characters.


Yuri’s trial skill set gives him adds strength, vitality, recovering , item slot, backstep, and image training. Estelle’s downloadable content contains defend, resist, recovering, item slot, image training, and backstep, I’m not quite sure if these are actual abilities or stat boosts, but this is a translated item from Xbox Live. Namco Bandai listed this is a “trial” set of skills too, which could mean these “skills” may be consumable. Oh well, at least these items are all free to Gold Xbox Live members now and should be gratis to Silver Xbox Live members in the future. Enjoy this while it last because future Tales of Vesperia downloadable content probably will cost money.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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