Sojourner Is A Goofy Love Letter To Classic RPGS (With No Grinding)


    Sojourner is a silly take on classic RPGs, offering a heroic journey and class-based combat in a world that makes fun of genre conventions at the same time as it celebrates them.


    A customizable hero awaits players in Sojourner, as players can decide what class they, and each of the other playable characters, will be. Drawing from ten different classes, the game looks to offer players a great deal of choice in how their party is put together. Classes aren’t the only way to adjust the party, as the game offers monster recruiting that will let players take certain creatures with them into battle as well.

    Players will find themselves fighting in classic turn-based combat when they run into monsters in the field, although many of their abilities and attacks offer some silly flavor text to make things more fun. However, if players get sick of combat, they will find that they don’t have to deal with it much as the game does away with needing to grind to survive certain areas, and even goes so far as to allow players to turn off random encounters entirely.


    Players will, naturally, have many sidequests they can take on throughout their fifteen-twenty hour journey. Their decisions in the world will also have some effects on the ending.

    Sojourner is available now on Steam.

    Alistair Wong
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