Solatorobo Is On The Road To Dragon



An update to Road to Dragon, the smartphone RPG game from Acquire, will include a “super crossover” between it and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. Exactly what will be included isn’t known yet, other than that the antropomorphic cats and dogs alongside the world of Rodora from Solatorobo will be involved in some way.


What way, we’ll have to wait to find out. Possibly, we could be looking at a special campaign for Road to Dragon that includes an entire new map from the series?


While it’s not exactly a link, there was this smartphone game on Little Tail Story late last month which is from CyberConnect 2, the same people who made Solatorobo, that also just so happens to have cat and dog people.


If you want a look at the art style for Road to Dragon, you could also check out how Bravely Default translated to the game here.


Road to Dragon is available now on iOS and Android.