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Solve Puzzles As A Shapeshifting Wizard In Mystery Castle



Players will change into a bat, troll, or frog as they navigate the various puzzles of Mystery Castle’s 180 stages, finding treasures and captured damsels as they go.




While the wizard’s shapeshifting powers will help, knowing where to move a box, how to slide over a sheet of ice, where to place a bomb, and when to down a shrinking potion will help players sneak by the game’s monsters and find the items they need to complete each stage.




Players will also meet many characters along the way, with some, like Stumpi the dwarf, wiling to help. Others, including huge vampires, ogres, and snowmen, will stand in the player’s way, requiring they put their minds to work fast to solve the puzzles before these creatures can end their lives.




Mystery Castle is available now on Steam and Xbox One.

Alistair Wong
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