Some Conversations In Tokyo Dark Have 30 Possible Choices

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Cherry Mochi has released a new trailer, screenshots, and more details about its upcoming sidescrolling action adventure game Tokyo Dark.


As Siliconera found out in our interview with the game’s designer Jon Williams, Tokyo Dark has you controlling Detective Ito as she investigates her missing partner, leading her into into the Tokyo underground, where urban legends are true.


While down there, Ito meets a girl who tries to commit suicide but can’t. She comes back again and again, traumatized by what she has seen, tortured. You can get your first look at this girl in the trailer above.


You’ll also get a glimpse at how the conversation interface works in Tokyo Dark. You communicate with other people through your cellphone with some conversations having up to 30 possible choices for you to make.


You’ll also have to search for evidence and solve puzzles, some of which take brain power while others can be resolved with physical strength. How Ito overcomes these challenges is determined by her stats, which you develop by making decisions throughout the game, shaping her character.


Tied to this is Ito’s sanity. If you don’t look after her, she will steadily fall towards insanity as she witnesses various paranormal activity in Tokyo’s underground spaces.



Cherry Mochi also revealed Tokyo Dark’s main theme composed by Dreamscape. You can listen to that here. And, as you can see above, the studio has made a chibi Detective Ito toy. It will be one of the rewards available in the game’s Kickstarter in spring 2015.


For more information about Tokyo Dark check out its website. Below you can see some of the new screenshots that Cherry Mochi shared.





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