Some Demons In Disgaea Dimension 2 Like You, Some Don’t

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Disgaea Dimension 2 keeps track of which demons like Laharl and which demons don’t. You can improve relationships by bringing characters in battle together, healing them with recovery items or magic, and doing combination attacks.


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In Disgaea Dimension 2 you can switch who the lead character is. For example, Flonne and Etna can walk around the castle. Flonne also has a new protect action where she can cover characters under certain conditions.


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Etna can call a friendly character in for a cover attack.


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The teacher/master system from previous Disgaea games is in Disgaea Dimension 2. This is a way to teach other units like the Warrior magic spells.


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Disgaea Dimension 2 also has the reincarnation system. Skills are passed down this way too so you can make an archer with a fist attack techniques.


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Like other Disgaea games, Disgaea Dimension 2 has guest artists that created illustrations for "Tera" tier spells. Ryou Nagi who worked on the Ar Tonelico games drew this character for Tera Wind.




Hisakata Souji made the Tera Wind spell effect.



Disgaea Dimension 2 comes out on March 20.

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