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Some New Final Fantasy IV DS Details

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I’ll admit that when Final Fantasy IV was announced for a DS remake that I was overjoyed. Even if the GBA remake of Final Fantasy IV came out not too long ago, the idea of a 3D remake that followed suit of Final Fantasy III’s look and feel made me feel a bit good. Some people weren’t happy about the news while some people were, but I suppose you can’t always please everyone all the time right?
Aside from the official Japanese site opening up a while back, playing Theme of Love in the background, not much had been known about the DS remake aside from it being a remake of the classic Final Fantasy IV. IGN recently translated the Famitsu interview with the team behind the Final Fantasy IV remake to learn some new details regarding the game’s cosmetic and contextual transformation.  To paraphrase the interview;
  • 1/4th of the original scenario behind Final Fantasy IV only made it on the Super Famicom! This remake plans on fleshing out the remaining scenarios of Final Fantasy IV to provide players with the whole shebang
  • Some scenes and situations from the original will be removed from the remake
  • Help window in battle can be maximized
  • Bottom screen of the DS can be used as an automapping feature
  • Though the d-pad can be used to move around as well as the stylus, some mini games will make use of the stylus
  • Number of enemies in battle will remain the same as in the original
  • The team is working on a way to add replayability to Final Fantasy IV DS. A new scenario, perhaps? How about a hard mode?


Some things remained unanswered, though, like whether or not five party members can still participate in battle as well as if the script itself regarding former situations of the original will remain the same or change. After all, it wouldn’t be the same game if Tellah isn’t shouting to Edward, "You spoony bard!" right? Here’s hoping some things remain the same like all those sacrifices.

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