Some Of The New Additions To Project Zero 2: Wii Edition


Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, a new Wii version of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, features a number of changes to the original game. Thus, Tecmo Koei describe it as a remake rather than an enhanced port, since it features a new camera angle, changes to the game’s map, new art work, additional endings, and even a new mode. First up is the new camera angle, which is now third-person, as opposed to the fixed view of the original:



Changes have also been made to Mio and Mayu, the game’s twin protagonists. Both Mio and Mayu have been made to look older than they were in the original game, and everything from their facial structure to their clothes has been redesigned in order to make them more visually appealing, but lose the “cute” look of the original (which you can see in the image below).


A talk between Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, and Project Zero 2’s producer and director also showed off a bit more in-game footage. Take a look at the brief clips below, demonstrating some of the new interaction features:




Project Zero 2: Wii Edition will be released on June 29th in Europe.


Food for thought:

Shibata: Kikuchi gave a lot of detailed instructions about their faces in particular.

Kikuchi: Yes, that’s right. I was especially concerned with getting their lips right.


Shibata: Yes, he really was! For a decade now, Kikuchi has been very particular about the shape of the heroine’s lips. It got to the point where the team would say, “Not the lips again!” (laughs)

Iwata: (laughs)


Kikuchi: Well, I think that while the eyes obviously play a major role in feminine beauty, the mouth is also extremely important.

Iwata: Um, I’m not sure if we’re still discussing the game here… (laughs)

Ishaan Sahdev
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