Someone Has to Die In The Beautiful Melody Of Sin

Togabito no Senritsu, or The Beautiful Melody of Sin, was a cult iOS title released by Kemco last year and is now headed to the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. The horror visual novel adventure game pits eleven trapped people—members of a school’s wind and string instruments club who have been kidnapped and thrust into a death game—against one another.

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Stuck in a prison, they have 10 days to somehow complete the rules of the game or face execution. While that may sound simple enough (relatively speaking, of course), there’s more.


The game revolves around the kidnapped victims being split into two teams—jailers and prisoners. Amongst the prisoners, one a day is selected to be a killer. The killer’s job is to kill off a jailer, while the prisoners must figure out who the killer is and defeat him. If the killer somehow goes free, everyone else dies. (This kinda sounds like Danganronpa’s key cliché of “Who’s the murderer this time?” court moments)


If the prisoners or killers succeed at their task, everyone else walks free. The problem, of course, is that someone in the group inevitably has to bite it. Oh, and breaking the rules instantly gets everyone killed.


The Beautiful Melody of Sin is out now for iOS (In-app purchase of 500 yen to unlock the full game) and Wii U version will be available for 1000 yen on October 2nd.


Above is the iOS trailer, and below are some screenshots from the iOS version.


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