Song Of Horror Has 16 Playable Characters, But Once Dead They’re Gone Forever



Song of Horror is an upcoming third-person survival horror game that has 16 playable characters. Each of them are described as being ordinary people that find themselves in a bad place.


The main character is Daniel Noyer. But you’ll rarely play as him. The game is divided into chapters that each take place in a different location that gets you closer to the source of the mystery. All the other characters are people who are either connected to Daniel or find themselves in this terrible place for another reason (each chapter has a different set of characters).


At the start of each chapter you get to choose from the range of characters. As permadeath is in place, should any of the characters die they are lost forever, and any strand of the story tied to them will similarly be gone – you cannot bring them back unless everyone dies, at which point you restart the chapter. Adding to the tension is the game’s complete lack of save points. Your progress is only saved upon beating a chapter. However, you can choose to “Save & Quit” to come back to an exact point later on.



While details on the game’s mystery are appropriately under wraps, the new video that you can watch above introduces the game’s threat – the presence. This is something that you cannot combat, only run from, and it’s described as an eldritch and primeval horror. It’s possible to run and hide from it but that doesn’t mean you’re safe. Nor will the presence always be hunting for you, instead, it may decide to lay in wait for you to arrive, and spring upon you suddenly. This is to encourage slow and steady advancement.


Not much else is known about Song of Horror at the moment so make sure to check out its website for future updates.

Chris Priestman