Song of Horror’s First Gameplay Footage Gives Off Creepy Vibes



A huge part of what made the original Resident Evil unnerving (apart from the cheesy acting) was the labyrinthine layout of its mansion. You ran through winding, narrow corridors not sure of where you were or what you might walk into. Upcoming survival horror game Song of Horror just got its first gameplay footage and it suggests that its team are trying to recreate the atmosphere of Resident Evil.


As you watch Sophie van Denend explore the Husher Mansion which, at times is lit only by the candle in her hand, you may feel some of those creepy vibes that you felt when first playing Resident Evil seeping in. It’s a combination of the fixed camera angles, ominous item descriptions, and the confusing layout of the place that is likely the cause of that.


Of course, as this is early footage, you might see plenty of areas of improvement while watching, so keep that in mind if you do.  Developer Protocol Games says that it’s happy with what it has on show here for now, but notes that it “will focus on exploring improvements here and there, both on the design front and the visual one.”



Anyway, by the time the video has finished, you’ll find out that Sophie doesn’t exactly meet a pleasant end. As Siliconera has covered before, death isn’t the end in Song of Horror, as you can choose another character and enter the same location to hopefully solve the mystery before it solves you. Once a character has been killed they’re gone forever, or at least, until all the other characters have died, at which point you’ll have to start over from fresh.


You can keep track of Song of Horror’s development on its website.

Chris Priestman