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Sonic Forces Releases November 9 In Japan, New Screenshots Show More Of The Avatar



In addition to announcing a November 9 release date, Sega shared new screenshots for their upcoming high-speed action game, Sonic Forces, with another quick look at its Avatar custom character that allows fans to create their own heroes.


In Sonic Forces players will get to play as two variations of Sonic with Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. In addition to the two Sonics, there’s a third character, known as Avatar that players will get to custom create, a first for the series.



With customization categories for head, glasses, face, gloves, shoes, body, suits, and more, players will have plenty of options for making their very own Avatars.



The three characters have their own action styles, and the ones you get to play as vary for each stage. Modern Sonic is more about the 3D-type of action that lets you control his characteristic super speed and Classic Sonic is used for the the side-scrolling action.



As for the Avatar, they can equip a gadget known as Wispon that allows for a variety of abilities used offensively or for traversal. purposes, providing a completely different style of gameplay experience compared to the two Sonics.


Again, there are some stages where you’ll get to tag team with Sonic and the Avatar.



In Sonic Forces, Doctor Eggman and his army control 99% of the world. In order to fight Eggman and his cronies, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends form a resistance group to take them on. Eggman’s army consists of a mysterious leader, the super powerful villain named “Infinite” who brought together various boss characters from the series.



Sega says we can expect to see a more serious story from Sonic Forces, and based on what we know so far things are already sounding pretty serious for Sonic and his buddies.


In case you missed it, check out our previous report for a look at Infinite’s first encounters with Sonic and theme song.


Sonic Forces releases in Japan on November 9, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. The game releases in the West alongside a PC version this holiday season.

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