Sonic Forces Tangle and Whisper Event Announced

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Some Sonic the Hedgehog comic characters are making the leap to a video game. Sega Hardlight, developer of the Sonic Forces: Speed Battle endless runner mobile game, has confirmed a new event with some faces IDW Publishing fans will know. A Sonic Forces Tangle and Whisper event has been announced. Dates haven’t been confirmed, but the developer noted that this will be a three-part event and folks will have a week to unlock Tangle first, then Whisper. This will be the first time either heroine has appeared in a Sonic the Hedgehog game.

An infographic shared on Twitter goes over the Sonic Forces Tangle and Whisper activities. Things begin with “It’s Hero Time!” This is a week-long event where people can get Tangle, a Rare runner. As a reminder, Tangle is a ring-tailed lemur from Spiral Hill Village that is known for her prehensile tail and for defending the village. This will be followed by Guardian Angel. The second week gives you a chance to unlock Whisper. She’s a wolf with a group of Wisp allies. Her and Tangle are known for being very devoted to one another. Finally, the third event is Dr. Eggman’s Egg Pawn Assault 2.0, which will have Tangle and Whisper cards as possible rewards.

sonic forces tangle whisper

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Earlier in 2020, the Sonic movie characters Baby Sonic and Teen Sonic were added.

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