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Sonic Frontiers LINE Stickers Feature Korone the Hedgehog

Sonic Frontiers LINE Stickers Feature Korone the Hedgehog

Sega is teaming up with Hololive VTuber Inugami Korone. A new crossover promotion features a set of Sonic Frontiers LINE stickers focusing on Sega’s mascot and the mascot who loves the hedgehog, Korone. The stickers are available on the LINE marketplace as the “SoniKoro Collaboration Sticker pack”.

Check out the selection below.

The Sonic Frontiers LINE stickers, which come in a set of 24, feature Sonic the Hedgehog and Korone interacting. She is wearing her Sonic-themed outfit, which she debuted in June 2022. At the time, Korone debuted the outfit as part of a promotion with Sega. The outfit shows her in a hoodie shaped like Sonic’s head and quills, and with her normally brown hair dyed blue, like Sonic’s fur. The art shows them sharing poses, playing games, and enjoying hot dogs together.

Some of the stickers include messages and expressions in Japanese and English, which users can use on LINE to signal their reactions.

The “SoniKoro” collaboration is a relatively new promotion, owed in part to Korone’s recent arrival to the Sonic fandom. She first played the games on the advice of her fans in January 2021. She fell in love with the series, and Sega moved to make the connection more official. Korone appeared in promotions as a Sonic the Hedgehog brand ambassador and voiced a character in the Japanese dub of the Sonic the Hedgehog film.

The Inugami Korone x Sonic Frontiers LINE stickers are available on the LINE marketplace. The game is available on PS4. PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Check out Siliconera’s official review of the game.

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