herobank-01Hero Bank is Sega’s stab at making a mixed media series like Yo-kai Watch from Level-5. A Hero Bank game out for Nintendo 3DS earlier this year which was followed by an anime series in April. Hero Bank 2 comes out on November 27 and has two cameo characters Sega fans are sure to recognize.


Players will be able to get suits that turn their characters into Sonic the Hedgehog and his edgier relative Shadow the Hedgehog. Just like the real Sonic, the Sonic data suit in Hero Bank 2 has speedy attacks and his famous spin dash. The Shadow the Hedgehog suit uses the power of darkness to attack. These two suits can be unlocked if you play the Hero Bank 2 demo which comes out on Nintendo of Japan’s eShop today.


Sava data from the Hero Bank 2 demo will unlock the Sonic and Shadow costumes plus give players 100,000,000 yen to use in the full game.


herobank-10 herobank-09 herobank-08 herobank-07 herobank-06 herobank-05 herobank-04 herobank-03 herobank-02

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