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Sonic Lost World’s Tropical Coast Zone Compared On Wii U And 3DS


    We know that the Wii U and 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World are different, such as in terms of RC Gadgets, but it’s also nice to see some comparison shots of maps within the game itself. The screens below are taken from the Tropical Coast Zones 1 to 4 and show, most obviously, the sense of scale that the Wii U has over the 3DS.


    The above screenshots have one from the Wii U (Above) and one from the 3DS (Below it) and it’s pretty impressive that the 3DS can pack in the kind of long draw distances that the Wii U will be rendering, too. However, closer examination of other shots shows us that the tone of each game also feels slightly different. Where the 3DS ones seem to suggest a slightly slower form of platforming, the Wii U’s larger, more expansive spaces lend themselves to racing around and trying to avoid sudden appearances by robotic enemies.


    There’s also the clear message that both these games will have areas only reachable/explorable on their own platforms.


    010 011

     014 015

    016 017



    019 020

    021 022

     025 026

    027 028

    029 030

    031 032

    033 034

    035 036


    Sonic Lost World will be out in North America October 29th for the Wii U and 3DS.


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