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Sony Filed Patent for PlayStation 5 Faceplates

PlayStation 5 Patent Faceplate

Sony filed a patent for the PlayStation 5 faceplate in May 2020, and its recently been published. However, while the patent has been filed, the comapny has yet to announce the production of uniquely colored faceplates for the PlayStation 5. Other retailers have produced PlayStation 5 models with unique detailing, though, like the 24k gold PlayStation 5 models from Truly Exquisite. [Thanks, OPAttack and IGN!]

That said, in October 2021, Sony threatened legal action against Dbrand for the production of PlayStation 5 faceplates. That was not the first company Sony took legal action against. In November 2020, it also pursued legal action against TREZN for the production of colored faceplates.

Additionally, in November 2020, a YouTube video revealed that consumers could remove the faceplate from the DualSense controller. This caused speculation among consumers that Sony would potentially release custom faceplates. However, while Sony made new color variants of the DualSense controllers available to purchase in June 2021, it has yet to release custom faceplates..

In November 2021, Sony announced its reduction on the production of PlayStation 5’s due to the ongoing chip shortage. Other parts experienced shortages as well. The company cut its estimated production outlook for the console by roughly 1 million units. Additionally, the report mentioned that it would not be able to keep up with production demands leading up into 2022.

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