Sony Summarizes The PlayStation 4’s New Features And User Interface

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This summer was packed with plenty of exciting news regarding next-generation consoles, which includes Sony’s upcoming hardware, the PlayStation 4. During an event called “The New Age Arrival: Gentlemen, Let’s Make Games!” that took place during CEDEC 2013, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia’s Kensei Akiyama summarized the PlayStation 4’s specs and features.


Akiyama, who was the lecturer at the presentation, started out by showing off the PlayStation 4’s architecture, machine spec and concept behind its design. As presented earlier this summer, the PlayStation 4 is an exceptionally powerful machine, with a great memory capacity. While it may seem like it has a lot going on, its architecture will make it very easy for the developers to work with.


Next, he briefly touched up on the new Dualshock 4 controller. In addition to having the buttons and functions of its predecessor, Dualshock 3, it will also have several new functions. It sports a multi-touch pad, which will allow actions such as pressing, flicking, pinching and twisting, Similar to that on the PlayStation Vita.


The PlayStation Camera, will have HD qualities to go with an expanded angle for its field of vision. According to Akiyama, it will enhance players’ experience once they get to try it out with the appropriate games.


Akiyama followed by giving a closer look at the new “PlayStation Dynamic Menu” user interface. To summarize what was said, this new interface will be providing each and every player with a stream of real-time information.


From gaming info, to videos, DLC, and friend comments, all of this information will be set up to automatically appear on the screen, making it what Akiyama calls “A place where your all of your related interests will be gathered.”


As reported in the past, the Dualshock 4 controller will also feature a “Share” button, which allows you to capture content from your current games and more, then share them with your friends or on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter through the Share Menu.



In addition to the Remote Play, which gives you the option to continue playing your PlayStation 4 games on Vita through a stream-play feature, the PlayStation 4 offers multi-user support that allows for multiple accounts to be logged on at the same time, as demonstrated in the above image.


The Companion Apps feature, which will be compatible with Android and iOS devices, will allow players to chat and share their latest game-play info with friends. To those who are using their devices on the same network as their PlayStation 4, they’ll also be able to use them as a second screen after linking them to the game.


Additionally, for people who find themselves more eager to test out games before they’ve finished downloading, they will be able to play the parts that the console has downloaded before it is even finished.


PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 in North America for $399, and on November 29 in Europe for €399 and £349 in the United Kingdom.

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