Sony Teases A Possible Return Of The PocketStation



    If you remember Sony’s PocketStation it might be because of Final Fantasy VIII and the Chocobo World mini-RPG. This game was played on a Japan-only PsOne memory card peripheral with a LCD screen. Other games like SaGa Frontier 2, Tales of Eternia, and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne supported the accessory in Japan. Sony recently uploaded a mock-news report video with what appears to be a tease for a possible return of the device.



    The video starts out with reporters talking about a “mysterious truck” that will pass by the road. It doesn’t take long until a white truck appears with the word “Top Secret" marked on the side and a PocketStation style pixel-art Toro on the back.


    After following the truck in reporter-like fashion,  they make the assumption that it could possible be a teaser of some sort. Just in case you’re wondering why they suddenly start looking at sweets, it was their way of not looking suspicious as they followed the Toro mascot.


    Once the mysterious truck reaches its destination, the Toro mascot is seen placing a sign by a building. The sign reads: “November 5, 2013; there will be a big announcement regarding PocketStation.”


    After a dramatic conclusion, the reporter says “Yep, it’s a teaser notification.”

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