Sony’s Game and Network Services Revenue Totals 25 Billion Dollars

Sony Game Network Services Revenue

Sony revealed that its Game and Networks Services division has generated over 25 billion dollars in revenue. Additionally, Sony shared other information regarding its fiscal year, which ended on March 31, 2021. That being said, the Games and Network Services division generated 3.2 billion dollars in profit for the developer and publisher. [Thanks, ZhugeEx and ResetEra!]

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Sony also shared a list of milestones broken by PlayStation during the fiscal year and revealed that the PlayStation 4 is now the console that has sold the most games, breaking the record previously held by the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 4 has sold a total of 1.577 billion games, whereas the PlayStation 2 sold 1.537 billion games.

Additionally, outside of Sony’s Game and Network Services, revenue from services like PlayStation Network have reached an all-time high. The PlayStation Network generated $17.8 billion dollars in revenue. This is in comparison to the previous record, which was $12.8 billion dollars. Overall, Sony’s Games and Network Services division continues to break internal records.

PlayStation Plus subscription members have also risen, with over 47.6 million users subscribed to the service. This number is up from 41.5 million users, which was recorded during the previous fiscal year.

In September 2020, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 production would be reduced by roughly four million units. Previously, the company reported that it would reduce its production of PlayStation 5 consoles to five or six million units within its first year.

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