PlayStation Vita

Sorry Friends, Toro’s Friend Network Will Shut Down In March 2015 In Japan



Toro’s Friend Network is a free-to-play Vita app and social game featuring PlayStation mascot Toro. The game, which is called Minna to Issyo: Friend Network in Japan, will shut down in March 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment said on its official website.


The concept behind Toro’s Friend Network was to allow players to gather more friends on PSN while having fun. Sony see it as a success, as the network managed to amass over 10 million registered.


However, since it began service back in December 2011, Sony have finally decided to shut the network down on March 31st, 2015. In-game purchases with coins will still be available up until mid-December.


The announcement was made only for the Japanese version of the game, as Sony have yet to make an announcement regarding the service of the western version.

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