Soul Sacrifice Delta Was Made From Fan Feedback And Ideas For A Sequel

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In Monster Hunter terms, Soul Sacrifice Delta would be considered the “G version” of the first game, but in terms of development, it’s actually similar to Bravely Default: For the Sequel, as creator Keiji Inafune recently revealed during an event that it was made from fan feedback and ideas for a sequel.


The event, called “Soul Sacri Fes 2014,” took place recently, where staff from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia and comcept’s Keiji Inafune gathered with fans to show off the latest of the upcoming game. 4Gamer reported a few details of what went on.


During an interview session at the event, Inafune mentioned that Soul Sacrifice Delta was made possible thanks not only to the feedback he got for the game, but also from fans who voiced their opinions on the demo and DLC.


He also talked about how the making of Soul Sacrifice Delta wasn’t just about adding new content, but they also spent a lot of time fixing and improving the game’s system.


“There’s still a lot more that I’d like to do,” said Inafune towards the end of the interview, as he explained that Delta has a lot of ideas for a sequel implemented within the game.


However, that doesn’t mean that the planning stage is ongoing for a Soul Sacrifice sequel—at least not yet. “Until we have plenty of fans get to play the game and the folks at SCEJA tell us ‘by all means, let’s make the next one’ then nothing is set in stone as far as a next title goes,” explained Inafune.


“If it weren’t for the voices of you fans, we would’ve never made it this far. I’d like to continue listening to your voices, and then put everything together for a sequel. By all means, please continue supporting us,” concluded Inafune.


The event ended with a look at some new monsters and a multiplayer session with the fans.


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Soul Sacrifice Delta will be released on March 6 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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