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Soul Sacrifice Has Gruesome Monsters And Even More Gruesome Spells


Following their magazine counterpart’s feature, have released the first screenshots of Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita, along with more details on the multiplayer game. As previously reported, Soul Sacrifice is a three-way collaboration between Keiji Inafune, Sony’s Japan Studio, and Marvelous AQL.


In Soul Sacrifice, you play as a wizard who is slave to a cruel magician. During your enslavement, a demon in the guise of a mysterious book appears in front of you. The contents of the book appear to be the events you experience in the game. Famitsu’s report mentions that you can customize your player character, with the above image meant to illustrate the different kinds of appearances you can take on.


Since you’re a wizard, you fight using magic. As revealed last night, magic is cast by sacrificing things around you in exchange for magical effects. You can sacrifice collected items or, for more powerful spells, you can sacrifice your own body parts. Here’s “Excalibur,” which involves you ripping out your own spine:



Here’s Greipnir and Gorgon, which turn your hand into a weapon or turn your eyeballs into laser beams respectively:



And here are a few screenshots of players in battle and some of the game’s gruesome monsters, such as a Harpie (second screen), a Minotaur (third) and Kraken (fourth). Soul Sacrifice supports up to 4 players for cooperative play.


You can find more screenshots and artwork from Soul Sacrifice over at The game is scheduled for release sometime this winter and will be published by Sony.

Ishaan Sahdev
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