Soul Sacrifice’s Griffon Enemy Was Once A Wealthy Noble

This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

In Soul Sacrifice, you get to fight an enemy called the Griffon. This week, Sony provided information on the creature via their Playstation Blog.

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The Griffon was once a noble that lived a life of wealth, supported by heavy taxes exacted from the people and lands under his rule. Then, one day, he was presented with a golden statue that depicted a creature that was a combination of a beast, a bird, and a man. Struck by an inexplicable love for the statue, the noble ultimately ended up killing his wife for hiding it from him.


Years later, during an uprising, when rebels stormed his castle, they found his love of gold had allowed the statue to take over his body and transform him into its likeness.


Sony also showed off a couple more spells that you can use in Soul Sacrifice. As you’re aware, instead of sacrificing your body parts for powerful magic, you can sacrifice items to create weapons instead, like the Plant Sword and Raijin Statue Axe. The list of magic that you can conjure grows with the Giant’s Bones and the Stone Wall Ruins.


True to its name, by sacrificing the Giant’s Bones, you can harden your fists and grow them to massive size:



In contrast, Stone Wall Ruins provides a defensive magic for those who prefer to play it safe. By sacrificing the Stone Wall Ruins a massive wall will appear to shield you from harm.

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