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Soul Sacrifice’s Valkyrie Gave Up Her Humanity Hoping To Win Her Father’s Love



The Valkyrie is one of Soul Sacrifice’s noble "monsters." She didn’t succumb to greed like the Griffon and wasn’t consumed by jealousy like the Harpy. The Valkyrie is similar to the Cerberus who made a wish with good intentions that went awry when it was granted by a mysterious voice.


The Valkyrie was the only daughter of a famous knight and she lived a comfortable life. Chastity, happiness and charm – she had it all. However, there was one thing the Valkyrie didn’t have… her father realized that he would need a “man” to be his successor. He realized that he will never have one and began to harbor deep emotions about his misfortune.


“I don’t have what my father wants, but I want him to acknowledge me. I want him to love me.”

In desperation to get her father’s acceptance, she decided to become a knight. Using her inherited talent, she trained hard to make her dream a reality. Years went by and the young girl was well into her 20s and the cold hard truth struck her. There was an obstacle should could never hurdle – her gender.


In order to give her father the one thing he wanted more than anything, she paid the price to a certain “voice”. By sacrificing her own beauty, she was able to obtain an incredible power.




“Father will surely love me now.”

Her excitement was short lived, after receiving a letter regarding her father’s death. She rushed to the battlefield where he fought in order to seek the truth. While she was on her way, her rash feelings caused a part of her helmet to sprout a wing. The wing gave her powers to move as fast as lightning. However, when she arrived, she could not find her father. She searched for three days and nights but was never able to find her father anywhere.

On the fourth morning at the battlefield, she has come to a decision she will become the greatest knight in the name of her father.




“By doing so, perhaps word will one day reach father, no matter where he could be. And then maybe I could be with him again… my beloved father.”

Since then, she continues to travel from battlefield to battlefield, in order to challenge the most famed knights known to man.

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